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Social Isolation in Elderly
07 Dec, 2020
Social Isolation in Elderly: Here’ How COVID-19 is Affecting our Aging Adults!

• COVID-19 has changed things for every person,...

Breast Cancer Cause
18 Nov, 2020
Breast Cancer- Cause, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Cure!
  • Breast cancer is defined as cancer that ge...
stay healthy flu season
07 Oct, 2020
Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy This Flu Season

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people get affected by...

Meditation Walk and its Benefits
29 Sep, 2020
Meditation Walk! Learn about its Benefits, Ways of Practice, and More!
  • We live in a fast-paced atmosphere where we are alwa...
Panic Attacks Causes, Symptoms
22 Sep, 2020
Panic Attacks! Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments Explained!
  • Irrespective of any physical or mental health condition, it should be t...
Crisis Fatigue
28 Jul, 2020
Stressed and Overwhelmed? Here might be the Reasons for You to Feel Crisis Fatigue!
  • Whenever a certain pandemic hits the world, it impac...
skin care safety during Summer
22 Jul, 2020
Want to Protect Your Skin this Summer? Here’s How!
  • Summer is here, and everyone is looking to make the best of it, especia...
Advantages of Telemedicine
01 Jul, 2020
What are the Advantages of Telemedicine?
  • Technology! We live and breathe this term every sing...
Doctor's Office during a Pandemic
16 Jun, 2020
6 Things You Should Know when Visiting a Doctor's Office during a Pandemic!
  • COVID-19! We will be hardly forgetting its impact on our personal and p...
healthy diet during covid-19
31 May, 2020
How to Follow a Healthy Diet While Sheltering in Place?
  • The COVID-19 lockdown turned things upside down for people, businesses,...
Physical and Mental Health
22 May, 2020
How to Ensure Physical & Mental Health amidst the COVID-19 Lockdown?
  • The entire world is struggling to deal with coronavirus and facing multi...