New Member Welcome

Welcome to Central Valley Medical Providers!

We look forward to developing a lasting partnership with you where we work together to provide you with the very best care and service throughout your healthcare journey.  Your health and well-being is our priority.  

  • It is important to schedule your first appointment or annual exam with your primary care physician if you haven’t had one this year.  
  • Prepare for your Appointment. We recommend having this information ready:

         - Questions for your primary care physician
         - Your health plan membership card
         - List of current medicines you are taking
         - List of current supplements you are taking
         - Names, phone numbers and addresses of caregivers and emergency contacts
         - Any legal healthcare documents like a durable power of attorney or healthcare directives

  • Regarding your health plan benefits: If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact your health plan directly.

  • If your doctor refers you to see a specialist, you will likely need to have prior authorization. There is nothing you need to do. Your doctor will handle that for you.
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