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Central Valley Medical Providers is Managed by MedPOINT Management MSO


For Members

Member Services: (866) 423-0060


For Providers

Please use the provider web portal on the home page to verify eligibility, submit authorization requests, check claim status and view your member lists. MedPOINT phone number (866) 423-0060.


Case Management:

Phone: (866) 423-0060 Ext. 1834

Fax: (888) 385-3112

Email: CM_notification@medpointmanagement.com


Claims & Encounter Submission

(Electronic Submission is Preferred)


Office Ally

Payer ID: MPM59

Phone: (866) 575-4120



Payer ID: MPM59

Phone: (800) 556-2231


Change Healthcare

Payer ID: CVM02

Phone: (866) 371-9066


Paper Claims


P.O. Box 7020-17

Tarzana, CA 91357


Network Development/Contracting:

(559) 450-5278


Provider Relations:

(559) 450-5278