What are the Advantages of Telemedicine?

Advantages of Telemedicine
01 Jul, 2020
  • Technology! We live and breathe this term every single day of our lives.
  • The reason being almost every industry of the world is embracing technology and making its products and services consumable in an enhanced manner.
  • Now, if we talk about a technological service that has been garnering immense recognition and appreciation in the healthcare industry, especially during COVID-19, it is Telemedicine.

 Defining Telemedicine

  • Telemedicine is a process where technology is used to communicate between a patient and a healthcare provider. This technological medical communication can take place via your Smartphone, laptop, email, app, and more.
  • Mostly, the communication takes place in the form of video conferencing, but calling and phone messaging are also used excessively.
  • As per a Software Advice research, telemedicine was preferred by almost 75% of the respondents.

 A Blessing during COVID-19!

  • Telemedicine is extremely useful during circumstances of national and international emergencies where people need to stay at home. In the case of COVID-19, patients need to practice social distancing, and this is only possible through telemedicine.
  • Telemedicine services mostly consist of physical therapy, psychotherapy, primary care consultations, and also some urgent care services. Remember, if your condition is life threatening, you want to seek care at your nearest emergency room.
  • As per the latest study, patients who seek telehealth services have lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, along with reduced hospital admissions up to 38%.
  • 74% of patients do not wish to have in-person interactions, and prefer straightforward access to medical services, explains a Cisco global survey.

 Telemedicine helps Doctors with

  • Assessing the need for in-person visits of the patients.
  • Renewing or writing prescriptions.
  • Offering various forms of therapy, like physical and speech therapy.
  • Providing various types of medical care like minor infections’ assessments and treatment of mental health.

Top 9 Advantages of Telemedicine for Patients

With telemedicine, a variety of medical conditions can be treated easily. However, it is essential that such a type of care is received from a qualified physician who has the right skills to give clear symptoms’ details.

1. Enhanced Care Access

  • One of the biggest benefits associated with telemedicine is the fact that you get enhanced access to care since you save a lot on time spent in covering the distance between you and your provider.
  • Apart from this, rural geographical locations and medically underserved communities where there is a lack of clinical services, telemedicine can prove to be of great help.

 2. Enhanced Care Quality

Telemedicine not only provides you with enhanced care access but enhances care quality against mental and medical health conditions as well.  This gets proved with a report from a recent study that tells us that patients had:

  • Reduced hospital readmissions (31%).
  • More possibility of spending fewer days in the hospital (63%).
  • More healthcare engagement levels.

 3. Reduced Healthcare Costs

  • Healthcare service costs come down significantly with telemedicine due to electronic data storage, remote analysis and monitoring.
  • Also, needless non-urgent ER visits and expenses related to transportation, parking, etc., are eliminated completely.

 4. Great Convenience

  • Similar to remote working that is prevalent during the lockdown, telemedicine provides you with unmatched convenience. You have the privilege of getting treated by your desired provider from the comfort of your home itself.
  • So, you do not need to arrange childcare while you visit your provider as you can be with your kids while you receive this type of treatment.
  • Also, it eliminates the need to wait between appointments at the provider’s office, all adding to the highest level of patient satisfaction and care.

 5. Protection against COVID-19

  • We all know the best way to stay protected against coronavirus is to stay at home as much as we can. Going for a visit to the doctor’s office, which is often times surrounded by sick people, is like asking for trouble during the pandemic time.
  • People with a weak immune system or underlying condition are at the major risk of contracting the virus. However, with telemedicine, you do not need to step out of your home and you stay protected indoors while getting treated digitally.

 6. Eliminates Elderly Issues

  • There are a lot of people who have the responsibility of leaving someone behind to look after the old people at their homes while they visit the doctor’s office, which can be an expensive affair. In case you are thinking of bringing them along; it will simply add to your stress levels.
  • Fortunately, with telemedicine, you need not worry about your elderly loved ones since you do not have to move them out or leave them alone while seeking medical treatment.

7. Multiple On-Demand Options

  • Almost every physician has realized the importance and need for offering telemedicine services.
  • There are other options available, however, one must note that these varied options might not be able to offer you specialized treatments as your regular physician but they are skilled enough to treat common healthcare ailments at home.

8. No Need to Miss Office Work

  • This is a big relief to every professional, especially individuals who are extremely busy with their professional commitments.
  • They do not need to miss their office work as they can arrange a meeting with the doctor in between their breaks or when they are free at any given time.

9. Easy Specialist Access

  • In the medical field, there are general physicians and specialists for specific health ailments.
  • Most of the time, your preferred specialists might not be living in the proximity of your neighborhood.
  • But, with telemedicine, you gain easy access to your desired healthcare providers without leaving your home.


  • Just like any technology is made to make the life of service providers and customers easier, telemedicine does the same for doctors and patients.
  • It not only enhances the quality of care and convenience but also helps in nurturing long-term relationships between them.
  • So, if you are suffering from a condition for which you need not go through a physical examination or conduct a laboratory test, you can receive a digital treatment for the same through telemedicine.

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