Effective Ways to Achieve Weight Loss While Staying at Home

Weight Loss
19 Jul, 2021

With awareness for an ideal body weight on the rise, people are trying new types of diets in order to maintain an ideal body weight. If you are also among these and cannot follow hard diets and restrictions, there are many natural ways to help you lose weight. Certain remedies involve the utilization of products and items that are readily available at home. In addition, these remedies are highly beneficial as they do not include any exotic supplement or diet.

Although weight loss should be the primary aim for all overweight persons, it is vital to acquire balanced nutrition from the diet of your choice. Most of the diets that promote weight loss cut off essential fats and carbohydrates from your diet completely. While reducing such nutrients is necessary, complete avoidance of these can cause harm to your metabolism and body functioning.

Firstly, let us check some facts related to weight loss:

• Around 44 million Americans go on a diet each year. (2018)

• The UK had the best success rate with losing weight (40.54%), while the US had the worst rate during the pandemic (27.71%).

• 49.1% American adult population had made efforts during the previous to lose weight. (2013-2016)

• As per a study, it costs around $155 to $546 per kilogram to lose weight, depending on whether you take diet products or medication or enroll in a diet program.

• According to a poll, 38% of Americans have made 3 to 8 attempts to lose weight. However, 45% of men have not tried dieting, which is much higher than the 23% of women who have not tried dieting.

• Women of the age range 18 to 49 have made attempts to lose weight an average of 9 times, and the number climbs to 11 for women who are 50 or above. However, the average number of attempts for men in both the group is five. (2005)

So, which diet pattern is best for you? Which home remedies can be helpful to lose weight? How can you maintain the correct bodyweight while staying at home? Let’s see some answers-

Reduce your sugar intake:

You should be watchful in your sugar consumption as it can be the most critical factor for weight loss. Hence, firstly, you should become aware that around 90% of everything you consume contains sugar, which gradually contributes to an increase in weight. For example, the coke can that you took with snacks or the pasta you ate for dinner, or even the breakfast cereals contain significant amounts of sugar that you unknowingly consume. Therefore, the next time you head to a grocery store, the first thing you should do is check the sugar content on the pack of the item and try to avoid or decrease the usage of items with high sugar content. It is true that one cannot wholly avoid sugar and should not also. Consuming sugar in its natural form is still acceptable, but refined sugar can be harmful to your health.

Consume green tea:

Having green tea has really emerged on the center stage as one of the best health drinks available. Numerous studies have shown that green tea contains a massive range of antioxidants that helps in burning fat, boosting metabolism, and contains fewer calories as well. The best time to consume it is right after breakfast or lunch because the metabolism rate is at its peak during that time.

Take whey protein:

Whey protein is an excellent medium to stay full for a more extended time. Therefore, it helps in avoiding hunger pangs or the consumption of unhealthy snacks. In addition, a whey protein moves your calories requirement from a high-fat food to a lean protein source, which helps maintain a balanced diet. For this reason, people consume it regularly for weight and fat loss. And not only for people who do heavy workouts, but whey protein is also advised for people with mild activity levels as it helps maintain the daily protein need.

Give up on junk food:

You cannot lose weight without giving up on junk food. Removing junk food from your daily food intake can considerably reduce the number of calories you consume in a day. It may seem like junk food can be a convenient choice, but there are numerous reasons you should cut back, especially if you want to reduce weight. In addition, it does not have any nutritional value and leads to more harm than good. However, if you are still craving, you can cook an alternative with low-calorie ingredients at home.

Drink lemon and honey water every morning:

Just as you wake up in the morning, consume a glass of honey and lemon in hot water. This does not require much effort but can be a very effective method for weight management. It also increases the rate of metabolism. Therefore, drinking lemon and honey mixed hot water on an empty stomach can get your body in the fat-burning mode right from the morning.

Practice yoga in the morning:

The sun has risen, the birds are chirping, and you are rested and fresh. Doesn’t this blissful vision inspire you for a good yoga session to make the most of your morning? Early morning yoga can boost your metabolism by warming your digestive system, setting nutrients on the move, and quickly metabolizing carbs and fats. In addition, exercising yoga asanas in the morning can really make you lose your extra weight.

Dietary rhythm:

The key factor is not to skip meals in the name of dieting. Your body needs food four times a day: morning, midday, 4 PM, and 8 PM. This is a crucial foundation for maintaining the nutritional rhythm of your body. The fitness coaches as well recommend eating specific foods at different times of the day to reduce weight.

Convert housework into exercise:

Want to lose weight while staying at home? It’s easy! Exercise at home starts with using certain household chores as leverage to get in shape and move your muscles. When shopping, carry your bags on your shoulders. This already takes a big effort. Also, it is important to maintain the correct posture while doing it. Keep your stomach muscles engaged and back straight. Need to use a vacuum cleaner? The rules are identical. Stand straight and really commit to it. A good playlist can surely help you find the motivation to maintain the pace.


It would be best to keep in mind that consistent efforts are required to reduce weight. The best way to acquire and maintain a healthy weight is to have a nutritious, balanced diet and exercise regularly. Focus on the tips given above, and you will surely notice the difference after some time within the comfort of your home.

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